Writing Rules

Writing has to be treated like a job. That means setting aside time everyday to write, edit, and revise. It sounds easy but I am discovering that even with years of practice, I still struggle to get in time to write.

Years ago, my dad and I installed a built-in desk in one of the rooms in our house. Today, an all-in-one desktop computer sits on it–for the kids. They use it for school work, watching/playing video games, and checking e-mail. Me? I use my laptop on a TV tray in the living room or our bedroom to get words written down. The desk was a great idea but as the kids got older, it was not longer “my” space. But as a writer, you do what you got to do as a writer to write. 

There are several rules I have to follow when I write. I write everyday–even if it’s work-related writing. I also read everyday–everything from newspaper articles to novels.

I am also working on a non-fiction book and have already begun outlining a novel. (Yay, me!) 

Persistence is the best tool I have.