Writing with Confidence

I am always amazed at the confidence some writers have. As extensive as my background is in communications and writing, I still hesitate to put myself forward as a good writer because, well, I’ve known much better writers. But occasionally, I am encouraged by a writer who has somehow parlayed his limited background in communications (maybe four years out of college with one job working communications for a medium-sized business) into a dream job as a writer. He may advise other writers, author books, speak at writers conferences. He has taken what he knows and rolled it into something bigger and better.

I have decided that I will move forward with the determination to write about issues I feel deserve our attention but with confidence and maybe a little hubris.

Well, maybe not too much hubris.

However, I will tell you that should this thing take off and I end up making enough money to focus on writing, I will be asking my husband for either a bigger house with an extra room to use as a writer’s office or…maybe a house with a yard big enough for a writer’s cottage.

Now, that’s a plan!