It’s Been A While…

Unfortunately, my job and the organizations I volunteer for all demand much of my time but especially my writing skills. Today, I have a draft press release I’m working on (work), a play I need finish editing for this year’s use that I wrote a few years ago (volunteer), an e-blast (volunteer), and converting the press release for work into an e-blast (work). Plus, I have a board meeting tonight (volunteer) that was called at the last minute. This is all just today’s list.

I really need to finish re-working the play by tomorrow because it needs to be copied and placed in binders for students who will be attending the camp. There they memorize the play, act, work on set design and makeup and then perform for parents on Friday at the end of the week. The play is approximately an hour and twenty minutes and the kids learn original songs as well. (I don’t write those and I don’t pretend to know how. We have a very talented camp director who is a vocalist. He writes the lyrics and composes the music which he has converted to sheet music for the kids to use.) It’s time-consuming but also a labor of love.

I’ll get it all done. If anything, writing as much as I do makes me a faster writer and that makes things easier for me.