To Vote or Not to Vote–That is a Question

My daughter and I got into an argument tonight over her voter registration–as in she didn’t want to register and I made her. She is still upset with me. 

I told her that she could register and, if she didn’t want to vote, that was up to her but at least she would be registered to vote when the time comes.

She says she is confused and has friends on social media who have strong opinions about issues that leave her unsure of where she stands on things. 

Unfortunately, these “friends” on social media are people she has never met in person but she considers them friends. If only I could organize a friendship with a decent, reasonable young woman–who is like-minded and who could influence her in a good way—but, as it stands in today’s world, social media “friends” trump real live people in the same room. 

What really, really bothers me is that politics has become so dirty and messy—a la the Kavanaugh hearings—that my daughter isn’t even sure if she wants to vote.

I grew up in the tail end of the Cold War. I couldn’t imagine not exercising my right to vote. In fact, I think I’ve missed only one vote (during a primary) and that was due to a work-related project and I didn’t get to the polls in time. 

It’s horrible that a young person on the cusp of adulthood feels confused by politics and doesn’t know how to move forward.

My husband and I are going to talk to her about the issues and ask her to look into them. We can help her investigate her representatives and where they stand on issues—but she has to decide what to do with the information. 

I am hoping that this doesn’t lead to extensive or long-term apathy toward politics or voting–but she has me worried.