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Amy Coney Barrett–My New Hero

Anyone who can raise seven kids is a superwoman in my book. To raise seven kids, be a loving wife to her husband, be an active attorney and judge and, now, a nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court makes her a superwoman in my book.

I have to admit, I’ve already ordered a mug with her picture on it.

I like her. I like her judicial philosophy and I like that she is an seasoned academic. I also like that her undergrad was in English.

I’m looking forward to her confirmation and, even more so, I am looking forward to looking to as an example and being able to say, “You can have it all.” You don’t have to do half of what she has accomplished in order to have it all.

I think it helps that she clearly has a fantastic husband in her corner. Being able to achieve everything she has takes stamina on her part but also requires shared responsibilities and a cheering section. Whether it with the cheers of a spouse, children, friends or other family members, it is vitally important that young women hear: “You can.”