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Back in the Saddle Again…

In June, I returned to my role as the communications director and a spokesperson for a national pro-life lobby group. Honestly, I missed it but my husband and I had made the decision that I would stay home when our youngest was born. It was not long after that we discovered that both of our sons would be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

I went back to work when both boys were in school but I still missed my old job. After teaching for a few years, I began working at a pregnancy center as the development director and then the communications director but I still missed my old job.

Fortunately for me, the job duties for the person who held the role had become very broad and it was felt that the communications director needed to also be a spokesperson again. The position was split off from development–which that person was also doing.

I was asked to return to my role. (Insert excited squeal here!)

I am excited to be back but as you can see from the last post, it’s been very busy in the intervening months. I can say without a doubt, don’t burn bridges when you leave an old job and always look for ways to improve and make yourself better at what you do.

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