Election Day

I voted!

I’m never quite happy with all of the candidates on the ballot and sometimes I have to hold my nose and vote. I voted for my congressman (whom I like) but my senate candidate vote was a definite hold-my-nose moment.

I voted for the candidates I think will support the issues that I believe are fundamental but sometimes a candidate isn’t ideal. He or she may not be the most personable or may say things I disagree with. There is no such thing as an ideal candidate. 

It’s sad that as voters, all we ask for is someone who agrees with us on most core issues and is compassionate towards others less fortunate. I’m not looking for a bombastic congressman or a cheat of a senator. I want a representative who represents me. I don’t want rude or controversial (I’m thinking of a congressman in another state). Our representatives’ behavior should always be a step above what we demand of ourselves. It’s always disappointing to find a representative who thinks he or she is a step above us–period. And I don’t need someone who preaches at me (i.e. the public) as if he or she has a better set of morals.

But I can’t hand pick my candidates so I deal with what is on the ballot.

Regardless of the outcome, we are told to pray for those who lead and so I do–and will continue to do so.