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Interests and Topics

I have a wide variety of interests both in my reading and writing. I tend to be conservative and read conservative publications but I’m not afraid to read opposing viewpoints. I love logic and debate (having debated in college), word origins, grammar, and old books.

I also love British cozy mysteries, British television, action movies, Hallmark mystery movies, old films–especially mystery comedies like “The Thin Man” or old film noir like “Laura,” classical music (especially anything with the violin), contemporary Christian music, and film scores.

THE THIN MAN, William Powell, Myrna Loy, 1934, with Asta the dog


My strengths are curiosity and an interest in the learning. I used to be able to recall anything I wrote down or material I read but after three kids, my brain is too muddled with other people’s schedules to remember things like the page number on which a quote appeared or the website I used as a resource for an article. Today, I have to write things down and use a program to save online references, websites, and books I use for articles.

Come back often for observations on a number of topics including politics, the media, film, and books.